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Time4Change 2022

For the past 11 years, YWS has hosted our annual Time4Change fundraiser across the city of Toronto, working along side our community partners in an effort to educate Toronto students about youth homelessness through fundraising and art activism. Last year, due to the pandemic, we hosted our first ever Virtual T4C experience, raising a total of $105,833 through a month long Peer-to-Peer fundraiser with virtual  art activism performances throughout the month of February.

As we move into our 12th consecutive year of our Time4Change campaign, we are combining the classic Time4Change model, and the virtual experiences of 2021 with a month long fundraising campaign and virtual Art Activism Showcase and Gallery to raise awareness and funds for the youth we serve here at YWS.

At Youth Without Shelter, we are providing more support for youth experiencing homelessness than ever before. Beyond safety, shelter, and food, we offer a safe space to call home during the pandemic with a team of staff providing vital emotional support and mental health counselling that youth need in order to continue going to school, work, and moving towards stable living. Now more than ever, our youth need your help. And together, we can do our best to end youth homelessness, one youth at a time, one step at a time.

Help us raise $110,000 in 2022!

Thanks to our incredible community of youth activists, volunteers, and donors, we have been able to raise thousands of dollars through Time4Change to help support our youth here at YWS. Reaching this year’s goal of $110,000 would bring us to $1,000,000 raised in 12 years!

Join The Movement

Time4Change educates our communities about youth homelessness through art activism and fundraising. Join us this February to spread the word about homelessness and inspire people to help make change happen!

How can you join?
  1. Donate online
  2. Join our Peer-to-Peer fundraising platform to help raise funds throughout the month of February
  3. Participate in our T4C Art Showcase and Gallery
Donate to the cause – beginning February 1st

Visit yws.on.ca to donate online
Text CHANGE to 45678 to make a $10 donation

What is Peer to Peer Fundraising?

Peer to Peer fundraising empowers individual supporters to raise crucial funds on a charity’s behalf, by encouraging friends and family to donate on their own customizable donation page. It’s a fun, interactive way to engage with donors online, and is one of the top digital fundraising tools for non profits today!  

Through our main Fundraising page for Time4Change, you’ll be able to create your own donation page to share with friends and family. We’ll be able to provide you with a template, auto filled with everything you’ll need to begin fundraising, and then you can customize to suit your needs!

Stay tuned for more information on how to navigate through this process and join or create a fundraising team closer to T4C. 

Join or Create a Peer to Peer fundraiser

This year for Time4Change, we will be creating a Peer to Peer fundraising page on Canada Helps to allow our supporters to join the cause as a group, corporate team, or as an individual. Our supporters will have the ability to create their very own fundraising landing page to begin their fundraising initiatives!

Each fundraising page is customizable, easily sharable, and the funds raised will link automatically to the main T4C Canada Helps page.

Help us reach our goal of $110,000.

T4C 2022 Art Activism

To end our fundraising campaign for T4C, we will be featuring artwork and art activism performances from youth, school groups, and independent artists within our community who are dedicated to the cause.

Our Time4Change Art Activism Showcase and Gallery will be hosted virtually this year. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Missed Out on T4C 2021 Virtual?

Watch all  2021 virtual performances now! 

Watch on YouTube

What is Art Activism? 

Art Activism combines the creative and emotional power of the arts with the strategic planning of activism in hopes to bring about social change.

With T4C, we have had many youth groups and schools participate with their own art activism performances in the form of dance, song, spoken word, and much more. 

Calling all Artists!

Join us this year and help make change happen!

Sign up to become a Time4Change Art Activist to be featured in our Showcase and Gallery on Feb 24th! If you’re interested in learning more, please click the link below to sign up as a potential T4C artist. One of our team members will reach out to provide more information and some materials to help you get started.

Sign up to be a T4C Artist before Jan 14 2022








The History of T4C

Time4Change began as Tokens4Change (T4C),  a third party fundraising event in 2010. Scott Parish, a student volunteer with YWS and later a YWS Board member, alongside co-founders Salar Javid and Meggie Lyness-Javid, saw a need with the youth we support and decided to join together to spark change. Scott, Salar, and Meggie were struck by how something so small like providing transit fare could have such a positive impact on the lives of homeless youth. With family, friends, and a YWS community partner, Project: Humanity, Scott envisioned an experience to engage youth supporting youth.

By educating youth about the issue of homelessness and providing them with an avenue through art activism to create awareness within the community, T4C evolved into a successful city-wide YWS event aimed at supporting YWS’s work and providing youth with transit fare.

In early 2020, we celebrated T4C’s 10th anniversary. 350 community volunteers, students, and corporate partners raised funds at 20 different canvassing stations across the city of Toronto. Since its launch, T4C has raised more close to $1,000,000 and engaged 4,500 students and volunteers! All funds support our essential transit fare costs and wrap-around programming for the youth at YWS.

Questions? We’re here to help!

Sponsors and media:  communications@yws.on.ca or 416.748.0110 ext. 26

Schools:  education@yws.on.ca or 416.748.0110 ext. 62

Volunteers:  akemp@yws.on.ca or 416.748.0110 ext. 39

General information:  communications@yws.on.ca or 416.748.0110 ext. 26

Time4Change has been one of the more fulfilling things I’ve done while volunteering with YWS. It’s truly amazing to see over 500 people volunteer on one day, all with the common goal of raising awareness for youth homelessness and raising funds to help these youth become more independent. It is so rewarding to be a part of something that has such a positive influence on the shelter. It is not just about the funds we raise that day; so much of the impact for me is the great feeling we get because it truly is a community effort and it’s a great opportunity to introduce people to YWS. T4C always reminds me of what we, as civic minded individuals, can accomplish in our community when we are working together.

Jonna Smith, T4C committee member

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