Youth Without Shelter

Corporate Partnership

Are you looking to make an impact in the community that creates real change in young lives? YWS works in partnership with companies of all sizes to meet the strategic priorities of the shelter and your corporate social responsibility goals. Each partnership is personalized. With this integrated approach we are ending homelessness…one youth at a time, one step at a time.

Why partnership

  • 87% of global consumers believe that businesses need to balance society’s interests with business interests. (Edelman Good Purpose Study 2012). Volunteering is being put to work, in varying degrees, as a strategic asset to help achieve business goals, including managing and changing culture, strengthening the brand, building external relationships, and improving employee engagement” (Global Trends in Volunteering, IAVE 2012).
  • Global Companies Volunteering Globally Report (IAVE 2012) emphasizes that “global and local partnerships with NGOs are an essential element of success in corporate volunteering.” As Kenn Allen, lead author of the report explains, “They have gone from useful to essential, from local to global, from philanthropic to transactional to transformational.”
  • Click here to view YWS’s Social Impact Rating.
  • YWS has adopted the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement. The Canadian Code for Employer-Supported Volunteering aligns with the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement.

Partnership elements to explore together

  • Corporate philanthropy.
  • Employee giving through matching gift or volunteer grant programs.
  • Third party fundraising efforts in the workplace.
  • On-site at YWS employee engagement projects ranging from the YWS meal program to painting to yard work to Roommates.
  • Skill based employee engagement projects at YWS drawing upon your corporate knowledge and expertise.
  • Off-site employee engagement projects including: On The Move Packages, Hygeine Kits, and Food Care Packages.
  • Sponsorship opportunities with YWS’s two primary events: Time4Change and Cover Me Urban.
  • Team building through attendance at YWS events.
  • In-kind donation of your products and/or service expertise.
  • Education in your workplace through YWS’s educational outreach program and guest speakers.

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