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You can bequeath a gift in your will to Youth Without Shelter to make a lasting contribution to ending youth homelessness. When the time is right for you, kindly consider leaving a legacy.

How can you leave a legacy? We’ve compiled here some of the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about including Youth Without Shelter in your will. Alternatively, please call us at the number below, all inquiries are treated with the utmost confidentiality. To assist, we have also included a sampling of will clauses for consideration by you and your lawyer. A will is a legal document. We strongly encourage you to seek legal estate planning advice from a qualified lawyer if you are making a will or changing your will.

If you have already made the decision to include Youth Without Shelter in your will, we ask that you take a moment and complete the YWS Bequest Confirmation Form.

Breaking the cycle of abuse, neglect and poverty that is the root of most youth homelessness is a challenge. With your legacy YWS can provide safe, supportive spaces among people who care and services that set youth on a course for independence. Thank you for being part of our youths’ remarkable journeys to self-sufficiency and empowerment.

To discuss your legacy in confidence please contact:

Director of Philanthropy & Engagement
416.748.0110 x 26 or

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about leaving a legacy gift to Youth Without Shelter?

The most common legacy giving options are listed below. Your financial advisor or lawyer can assist you in deciding which option best suits you.

Bequests: A gift stated in your will is the most popular of legacy gifts. You can make a specific bequest with a definite sum of money to Youth Without Shelter; or a residual bequest leaving the remaining amount or a percentage of the remainder after all of your named bequests have been honoured. There are tax savings associated with a bequest. A charitable gift made in your will is recognized as being made in the year of death, subsequently the charitable tax credit can be claimed by the estate.

Gifts of Life Insurance: You can state Youth Without Shelter as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. The proceeds of the policy received by Youth Without Shelter will be eligible for a tax receipt. Alternatively, you can donate a life insurance policy where Youth Without Shelter is the owner. Each premium paid on such a policy qualifies as a charitable gift in the year of payment.

RRSP’s or RRIF’s: You can name Youth Without Shelter as the beneficiary for your RRSP or RRIF funds. Tax savings can be achieved through this type of donation. Before you make a donation of this type we encourage you to seek advice from your financial advisor and/or lawyer as to the suitability for your estate. 

Gifts of Securities: You can gift publicly traded stocks or securities to Youth Without Shelter in which case you will receive a tax receipt for the full value of the shares, and will not be taxed on any part of the capital gain.

What is the legal name and address of Youth Without Shelter?

Our complete legal name is: Youth Without Shelter Terra House North Toronto Emergency Residence and Referral Agency. All legal documents specifying a legacy gift to the shelter should use this full legal name.

Youth Without Shelter is a registered Canadian charity.

Charitable registration number: 119307817 RR0001.

Youth Without Shelter
6 Warrendale Court, Toronto, Ontario, M9V 1P9.

Should I notify you of my plans to leave a legacy in my will to Youth Without Shelter?

Yes please! We would like to thank and recognize you for making this investment in the potential of the
youth who seek refuge at Youth Without Shelter.

Note: We strongly encourage you to seek legal, estate planning, and tax advice from a qualified lawyer
and/or tax professional if you are making a will or changing your will.

I am making a gift in my will to Youth Without Shelter as an investment in the next generation. Youth are the future of our country, and we need to support them.

YWS donor who has designated a bequest to YWS in their will

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