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Housing And After-Care Program

Housing & After-Care program focuses on placing each youth into stable, affordable housing and aims to prevent relapse back into homelessness. This program works within a Housing First framework, guided by each youth and their individual needs. We focus on helping youth find and keep permanent, affordable housing by developing relationships with landlords, assisting in housing searches and various housing applications, and teaching them the skills needed for them to live independently in society. These skills include eviction prevention, landlord mediation, tenant rights, and Ontario Works welfare processes. Once a youth receives housing and they move to independent living, our comprehensive After-Care program offers continuing social and mental health support for youth, including housing, counselling, regular check-ins with youth and introducing them to community resources. Residents moving to independence have continued access to the YWS laundry facilities and foodbank. 

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Almost 100,000 people are on the waiting list for affordable housing in the GTA

Over 75% of youth have faced multiple episodes of homelessness with 60% of youth reporting being homeless more than 3 times

Former residents requiring After Care services has increased by over 50% since 2017


Between 2017-2019 our team successfully moved 130 youth to permanent housing

75% of youth housed through the YWS Housing and After-Care program remain living in the community with the ongoing support of the After-Care program and do not re-enter the shelter system

In 2017, after hiring a full-time After-Care Specialist to assist with outreach visits, YWS performed 1,966 individual housing meetings/assessment and 2,047 After-Care support meetings between 2017-2019. This support included food bank visits, access to hygiene products and laundry facilities

Contact the Housing & After-Care Program: 416.748.0110 ext. 27

Networking and maintaining strong relationships with local Toronto and GTA landlords are essential for the success of our Housing and After-Care program.

Before I came here I was unable to find myself a home. The programs they had were very helpful, they taught me life skills such as budgeting. They even donated furniture to get me started. Even after I left I am still able to come back and receive food and personal care packages.

Jason, age 17

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