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Life Skills Program

Our Life Skills program gives both current and former residents vital life skills training and support, based on their individual needs. This program takes a holistic, personalized perspective recognizing that each youth has different strengths, challenges and dreams. The range of life skills training opportunities are unlimited and can include such things as communication/ interpersonal skills, grocery shopping, learning how to cook, meal planning,  nutrition, maintaining personal hygiene, time management, budgeting, and financial management. 

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A recent survey identified that over 40% of youth were younger than 16 when they first experienced homelessness. This means that many youth won’t acquire the crucial life, social and personal skills that facilitate successful independent living


In July of 2017, we converted our Life Skills program model to focus on one-on-one meetings and training sessions. Since that time, we have held over 900 sessions with YWS youth, providing crucial skills to assist in achieving affordable, long-term housing. (2017-2019)

 YWS has seen a 30% increase in homeless youth born outside of Canada (refugees or asylum seekers) in recent years. This has meant that the YWS approach to wrap around support based on the individual needs of the youth is necessary to assist youth in finding and maintaining permanent housing. This is where the YWS Life Skills program is crucial in supporting our youth to achieve individual potentials.

We are supported by our partner agency Project:Humanity.

Contact the Life Skills Program: 416.748.0110 ext. 28

I was in a dark place, consumed with fear of the unknown. I was also suffering in silence with my mental health and doing nothing to help myself. I had very low self-esteem. And absolutely no confidence or direction. The support I have received here has helped me realize many different things that I was not fully aware of before I came in. From my experience in being here, I believe that no matter what I am going through the staff are so forthcoming in helping me find the suitable services I need to deal with my current issues. I have received help in areas dealing with mental illness, substance abuse, and housing. I am now on the road to recovery. I have several bumps in the road to get where I am today. And I am the type of person that keeps going and trying when I know people care about me. That’s what I have gotten out of being here at Youth Without Shelter. I am more determined to reach my goals. I am also more confident in myself that I will get to brighter days. Thank you Youth Without Shelter.


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