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Stay in School Program

Homelessness and leaving school early go hand-in-hand and are a major life-long disadvantage for youth. The Stay in School program offers 20-bed long-term transitional housing for youth dedicated to completing their education within a safe and stable environment with support and guidance from qualified staff. Youth in the SIS program can also receive guidance from a professional team, case management, one-on-one tutoring on specific subjects, a mentorship program, transit fares and textbooks, referral to scholarships and bursaries to cover educational costs, school supplies including laptops, and their own study space. Youth in the Stay in School Program are responsible for maintaining their grades, attending school regularly and completing various household chores. 

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53% of homeless youth in Canada drop out of school early, compared to 9% of the non-homeless population

A recent shelter study found that 64% of shelter users in the GTA did not complete high school and that those who did not drop out were more likely to be employed

More than half of our SIS referrals come from schools themselves


The YWS SIS program has a graduation rate of over 80%; 82% of youth graduate from high school and almost 20% graduate from post-secondary education

In 2019 alone, 11 YWS residents graduated while residing in the Stay in School Program

More than 80% of SIS residents stay for more than 2 years

Contact the Stay in School Program: 416.748.0110 ext. 29

All youth maintain a minimum of 65% in their schooling in order to stay in the SIS program. On average, YWS will see 80%-90% of SIS youth continue to post-secondary education while remaining in this program.

If you were to look at me, you wouldn’t be able to tell that I live at a shelter. I never thought I would end up living in a shelter. I heard of this program from my Guidance Counselor at school. I was in a situation where I needed a place to stay badly. I feel that the shelter is my home. At 16 years old, I am the youngest in the house. I’m going to have to say I couldn’t have been in a better place than this.

YWS Resident, age 16

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