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Transgendered/Transexual/2 Spirited Residents

Youth Without Shelter respects the integrity and individuality of all of our youth. Services are offered to each individual in a sensitive, non­judgmental, and caring manner. YWS will make every attempt to ensure accessibility of our shelter and services to Transgender, Transsexual and Two­spirited youth. YWS. has a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment or discrimination including but not limited to gender identity or sexual orientation.

YWS operates under the belief all homeless youth have the right to shelter regardless of political or religious beliefs, ethno­cultural background, (dis)ability, gender identity and/ or sexual orientation.


  • All transgender/transsexual/two­spirited youth residing at Youth Without Shelter will be responded to in their self­defined gender, this includes calling them by their name of choice.
  • TG/TS/2­S residents will reside in the same room as their self­defined gender and use the appropriate washroom facilities.
  • TG/TS/2­S youth must be living in their self­defined gender full­time.
  • All YWS services will be available to TG/TS/2­S residents and referrals will be made as needed or identified by the TG/TS/2­S resident to assist them with their own special medical, emotional or skill related needs.
  • All other policies and/or procedures will be applied to TG/TS/2­S residents in the same manner for which they are applied to all residents residing at Youth Without Shelter; including but not limited to: Admission, Discharge, Resident Behavior Contract, etc.

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