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‘A home for the holidays’ Breakfast 2016

Brittany Bateman
Posted 4 years ago

Thank you for putting the good in good morning as we had breakfast together on Wednesday, November 16th. Through the energy of the YWS Price is Right game players and the Lakeview Lodge #272 IO.O.F challenge donation a selection of essential food and household items have been funded for the 53 youth residing at YWS.  Were you surprised to learn that to nourish 53 youth for one week, YWS spends $240 on milk; $84 on juice; and $168 on cereal?  To see how you can share the warmth this holiday season at YWS click here for our priority wish list.

To the chefs of breakfast sponsor, Woodbine Entertainment Group we all appreciated such a delicious and energizing start to the morning.  Thank you to the “A home for the holidays” breakfast sponsors, our one of a kind emcee and friend Ennis Esmer, and the Mentor College student volunteers for working with us to create awareness of the challenges youth face with homelessness in our community today.

For the morning’s photo highlights from Social Image click here.

‘I first walked up the ramp to the front doors of YWS 20 years ago.  I was 16 years old, scared, and full of anger.  I never felt so alone.  I buzzed the front door intercom fearing the unknown.  I heard the kindest most calming voice say:  “Welcome to YWS! How may we help you?” I will never forget those words. That day was the beginning to the rest of my life.” (Sean, past YWS Resident)

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