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YWS 30th anniversary series: Dammy

Brittany Bateman
Posted 5 years ago

“YWS was my first home in Canada.”

My name is Dammy, I’m 21 years old.  I want to talk about my experience in Youth Without Shelter and how they have helped me and seen me through difficult times.”

Dammy left Nigeria to escape the uncertainty of life amidst the coups.  He arrived in Canada as a youth refugee claimant.  At the airport Dammy randomly approached a man he did not know, told him his circumstances and went home with him.  That living situation did not last long and Dammy was referred to Youth Without Shelter (YWS).

YWS was his first home in Canada.  “Sometimes I just want to stay quiet.  Staff make me feel happy even when I’m sad. It is not easy to be on your own, not easy to be a man.”  ‘My first priority is school.”

With the support of the YWS Team Dammy has now been granted conventional refugee status; secured housing and moved out.  He is involved in the community as he works towards his citizenship.

“Firstly I want to appreciate all that the staff have done for me, and I hope you all keep it up.  I can’t just list everything YWS has done for me.  Starting from the case worker, housing worker and so on they never make me feel I am alone here in a strange country.  I really appreciate all your efforts to improve my life.  Thank you very much.”

Dammy expressed his thanks in the 2016 A home for the holidays video.


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