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Hope and Renewal

Brittany Bateman
Posted 3 years ago

December is upon us; holidays, family events, gifts, shopping, parties. So many things we look forward to and so many things we are thankful for. We also eagerly await the coming New Year. Each year there are multiple shows on TV that look back on the year that was. We see recaps of events and major news stories. The other theme that seems to permeate the end of the year is opportunity and a chance to start anew; a new year with new possibilities. We gain a perspective on what has been and this helps to shape what can be. We are filled with hope.

At YWS we help to support those we serve to gain a perspective on their past and by doing so perhaps we can help them to see how truly strong and amazing they really are. They can see how resilient they are and how many possibilities lay ahead for them. In essence we are purveyors of hope and kindness. We do not charge a penny for these priceless treasures, but instead we give them away freely and happily. I encourage you to do the same for those you care about, for those you don’t even know yet, and for yourself.

During this season of joy, togetherness, and renewal I wish for all of you the gift of hope and possibility. Hope that the next day will be better than today and the New Year brings endless possibilities. Please remember to give these gifts to others and deliver them wrapped in kindness.

When no one is expecting them home…we are.

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