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Partnering with The Pinball Clemons Foundation

Brittany Bateman
Posted 3 years ago


Excited to partner with The Pinball Clemons Foundation on their commitment “to empowering youth through education by taking them from the margins to the mainstream.”

What does this mean for the youth who call YWS home?  Youth through the combination of YWS’s wrap around approach and the commitment of The Pinball Clemons Foundation will lead their own journey, achieving educational goals and laying a foundation for the career they strive for.  Specifically, funds from The Pinball Clemons Foundation will enable YWS to:

  • Launch a Peer to Peer Mentorship Program in the Stay in School Program
  • Expand Life Skills and Culinary Programming
  • Equip the weekly YWS Fitness Boot Camp with essential equipment

Thanks to The Pinball Clemons Foundation we are closer to ending homelessness….one youth at a time, one step at a time.

“My social worker directed me to Youth Without Shelter’s Stay in School Program. I applied to the program and was welcomed in. For the ten months I stayed there, I felt absolutely comfortable and safe; everyone was so kind and welcoming. With them I managed to graduate with honors….With the help of YWS I was able to set money saving goals so I have money. I learned how to prepare quick, cheap and simple meals. I’m now paying my own way and turning into a pretty efficient adult. ” (H., past Stay in School Program resident) 




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