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Brittany Bateman
Posted 2 years ago

We recently held our Annual General Meeting.  Once again I learned lessons taught by the young people we support, and those who have lived with us in the past.  I learned about hopefulness, determination, the importance of kindness.  But most importantly I was taught a lesson in humility.

I was humbled by the capacity of the human spirit and the ability of those people we support to carry on despite what can seem like insurmountable odds.  But I was also humbled by the common thread that came through from those who shared their stories with us that night.  It is the immense power of kindness and compassion to help to heal a bruised spirit in time of need.  Hope is instilled through caring and it is this hope which helps to allow the tremendous capabilities of these youth to rise and take hold.

As I listened to those stories shared with us, I was struck by the simplicity of what is at the core of our work at YWS.  In my office, I have a framed poster on the wall that was given to me by an agency I worked for previously.  It is my mantra for both the staff and for the people we support. It simply reads; Be nice.  Work hard. There is a relationship intrinsic in these two phrases.  Because sometimes one has to work hard at being nice.  In the end there is a profound effect that these two principles can have on a youth in need of kindness and hope.

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