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Thank you to our YWS Frontline Heroes

Brittany Bateman
Posted 2 years ago


COVID-19 has impacted every single human being on this planet. However, some have been affected differently than others. The vulnerable populations within our community in particular face significant challenges; imagine what those struggling with homelessness must face when being told to “stay home”, if they don’t have one to go to.

During COVID-19, the role of our front line team has dramatically changed – the shifts are longer, the risks are higher. Despite this, we know that we can always rely on our front line team to take the extra step for our youth, and do so with a smile on their faces. Our staff have continued to come to work each and every day throughout the COVID-19 crisis, to ensure the well-being and safety of the youth who call YWS home.

The reason YWS has been able to persevere through this pandemic rests on the shoulders of our front line team. It is because of them that our youth throughout COVID have had someone to rely on, someone to reach out to for guidance, and someone to trust with their day to day health and safety.

To all of our front line staff here at YWS…. Thank you.


“I work for them”

“I’m here because their success is my success”

– Aklilu, Front Line Case Manager


“I stand up for them”

“Coming from a troubled childhood, I will always fight, stand and advocate for every child or youth.”

-Dominic, Front-line case manager


“I speak up for them”

“I am here to support and advocate for those who cannot access resources on their own”

-Andrea, Housing and Aftercare Specialist


“I fight for them!”

“I am here because it’s an honour to serve and advocate for those who need our help, to be the voice for those who can’t be heard.”

-Tonka, Front-line case manager


“I cook for them”

“I am here because a hot prepared meal can bring warm comfort and a smile”

-Keshia, Part Time Cook and Front Line Staff


“I am here for them”

“I’m here because I will not abandon our youth”

-Art, Planning and Evaluation Manager


“I provide nourishment for them”

“I’m here because they need comfort in all forms; food can nourish the soul”

-Richelle, Food Service Coordinator  


“I advocate for them”

“I am here because pre-existing inequities grew during the pandemic”

-Moe, Primary Case Manager


“I listen to them”

“I’m here because everybody deserves to be heard”

-Kim, Stay in School Program Coordinator



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