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Our Educational Outreach program takes a preventative approach to youth homelessness, by breaking down stereotypes around this important social issue, and building knowledge and empathy within the local community. The program’s interactive workshops are available for all ages throughout the Greater Toronto Area and are delivered at schools, colleges, community groups, and corporate partners. The program breaks down common stereotypes and myths around homelessness, and introduces participants to the realities of life as a homeless young person, and all the struggles that entail. While building knowledge, tolerance, and empathy, the program also teaches participants about the resources in their community that can assist in preventing and responding to family emergencies.

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Book an educational workshop

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·        In-person workshops cannot be booked out of GTA (Toronto, Peel, York Region, Durham, etc)

·        Corporate workshops for organizations who donate $5,000 or more annually will be reimbursed for the workshop fee

One Youth at a Time: Homelessness and Breaking the Barrier

Uniquely designed, age appropriate presentations for all grades are delivered to raise awareness and breakdown the myths and stereotypes associated with homeless youth. Students are introduced to the realities of youth homelessness, receive information on available community resources, and are provided with information on the ways that students can provide support to an issue impacting their peers.


Uniquely designed, presentations are designed to educate the community about prevention and equip participants with the skills to support youth that might be at-risk of homelessness. Participants are introduced to the realities of youth homelessness, receive information on available community resources, and provide participants with information on the ways that they can provide/receive support.  We will explore what is homelessness, how to support a youth at-risk of homelessness, the cost of homelessness, and have break out activities for practice.


Get your Company involved in ending youth homelessness…one youth at a time. With a donation of $250 that supports the youth at YWS, our Educational Outreach Team will educate your staff team about the size and scope of youth homelessness in the GTA, common myths and stereotypes, what happens to youth once they’ve entered into homelessness, and how you can help to end youth homelessness on a Municipal, Provincial, and Federal level.

Together, we are able to end youth homelessness in Canada. Help support YWS’s mission to end youth homelessness in the GTA


Contact the Community Engagement and Educational Specialist: 416.748.0110 ext. 62 or 

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